Supporting Teachers in Responsive Instruction for Developing Expertise in Science

Generously funded by the NSF

The STRIDES project supports teachers to customize the curricula to address diverse students’ evolving ideas. We are collaborating with the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to develop state-of-the-art technology to provide teachers with detailed evidence of students’ progress in achieving the multi-dimensional proficiency called for by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

STRIDES highlights
These are the tools that teachers need, especially with the NGSS and the three different strands of it, and to see what the student is understanding. I feel that I am better armed to create, modify, and implement WISE projects that fit the needs of my students.
– STRIDES Teacher

We have developed a Teacher Action Planner (TAP) in our web-based curriculum environment to enhance the curriculum customization cycle.

The TAP presents patterns in students’ evolving understanding in real time, and provides research-based customization activity choices for the teacher to address the patterns.

Logged data of teachers’ customizations and their students’ responses enable teachers to reflect on the impact of their customizations.

STRIDES professional development activities guide teachers in the reflection process documenting the impact of their customization decisions and in modifying their plans for future implementations.

STRIDES teacher customization 2018